FIFA 15 Patch For Better Gameplay

EA Sports much-awaited FIFA 15 is already out in the market and the gamers are doing everything they can to lay hands on this game. And they have every possible reason to do so as EA has done a lot of improvements in this new game to FIFA franchise. The graphics are improved and the overall gameplay is even more interesting in this game than its predecessors. But still the fans who already played this game are experiencing a little glitch in its goalkeeper behaviour and shooting. And while many of the small bugs are fixed using the FIFA 15 hack and patch tools but these two glitches in particular were handled by the EA.

The shooting in FIFA 15 felt underpowered for every other player but only the most talented players in this game. And as for the goalkeepers, their new animations and situational reactions didn’t prove enough to hold back the players from complaining about their propensity to spill ball into the path of the onrushing attackers or almost impossible lobbing from near the halfway line. These glitches were but soon acknowledged by EA and they have finally released a patch for fixing this and making the gameplay even better.

Other than this the patch also fixes various other bugs and the list of which is displayed below:

  • Adjustment and improvements in goalkeeping and shooting
  • Fix for stuttering during offline and online gameplay for the PS4 players
  • Ability to call out goalkeeper in Pro Clubs added
  • Improvements to player search in Career mode
  • Improvements in Goal line technology
  • Improvements in motion blur effects
  • Updated real world injuries and suspension in Match day live

The list contains few more bug fixes but rest of them are hardly noticeable at the first place. The patch has been checked by a few players and they seem to have the issues resolved. FIFA launching its rebalancing patch just few weeks after bringing their game out in the market has become an annual thing now. The community dedicated for this series’ gets issues brought there and EA addresses and resolves them. And even when their fixes doesn’t work then you always have FIFA 15 hack and patches and other game cheats to help unlock all the locked contents and thus make your gameplay better. A simple search on internet can give you access to several of these game hacks and cheats and you can use them to gain full control of this game for either PS, Xbox or PC players.